STALKR Celebrates Summer for Malibu

04 21 2015

There’s something about Malibu Rum that tastes like summer is upon us, and that’s what we delivered in their latest campaign – directed, shot, and edited in-house at STALKR.

Combing through footage to find the perfect visual tone and effervescence that suits the premium spirits brand, we sourced a handful of shots from festivals and beyond, and went about shooting the remainder to create a collage of 151 Instagram selects. Streaming the photos together with a stop-motion effect, our teams in Los Angeles, Barcelona, and London worked together to create a global story of “Best Summer Ever” that lets the good times roll right into summer.

Fans continue to love the spot so much that Malibu recently extended its broadcast run and refreshed it with a new track by Farmdale, “Feelin’ Alright”. Bottoms up!