Unfollow Messi with Adidas and 72andSunny

08 20 2015

Millions of people around the world love Lionel Messi.

The world famous Argentinian soccer star has won the hearts of football fans around the globe through his talent, charm and professionalism.

To fully realize the global scope of Messi’s fandom and construct a spot that would resonate with soccer enthusiasts and novices alike for Adidas, we tracked down footage showcasing the soccer star worldwide. Compiled and licensed in our Barcelona office, the spot began airing this week, and has been lauded on publications ranging from AdAge to The Bleacher Report to AdWeek to Hypebeast.

Concepted by 72andSunny, the film doesn’t end at celebrating the soccer legend. Rather, it encourages viewers to unfollow the soccer star as part of its “Create Your Own” campaign. Senior Director of Global Communications and Media for Adidas describes the impetus behind the campaign: “We live in a world where typically athletes are told to follow or emulate their heroes. We want to inspire creators to defy the norm of sports today, so they can focus on shaping their own reality and ultimately create their own game.”

As Fast Company adeptly elaborates, “instead of expecting fans to idolize and try to copy established sporting stars, the brand is encouraging them to yes, be inspired, but to create their own versions. Or, in the brand’s words, ‘to create, not emulate.'”

The footage of Messi, curated from a compendium of sources ranging from major sports networks to local coverage, packs all of the emotion we have come to expect from Adidas advertising. Watch above to see for yourself.