Bringing Real Madrid to Screens Everywhere for Microsoft

07 07 2015

Real Madrid is one of the most popular football clubs in the world – the one problem is that with 450 million fans globally, how do you bring the experience of the game to every individual?

Microsoft solved that problem adeptly with their Cloud technology, allowing fans across the world to interact with the team in meaningful ways. The cloud technology “allows scalability to communicate exactly the content that people want to see.”

To tell the story of the expansion of Microsoft Cloud’s offering, we were tasked with conveying the story of Real Madrid and their fanbase, emphasizing global scope and the enthusiasm of the fans. As the agency refined the creative brief, we delivered footage to shape the direction and emotion of the compelling spot, watching it come to life before our very eyes.

There’s a mantra that we work by that the story or brief should never suffer because the footage isn’t there. From tracking down footage that originated on obscure local channels in Vietnam (by tracking down the heads of Real Madrid Clubs there) to originating footage of our own all around the world, we delivered a spot that captures the real emotions of watching soccer, not shying away from defeat and anticipation (and of course, also the exuberance and victory that Real Madrid has come to represent internationally).

Sports fan footage is near impossible to acquire and license, but we pulled it off with this one. We sourced half of the footage and originated half in house, utilizing our network of shooters internationally. All of this was accomplished on a deadline of less than two weeks, navigating between our offices in several different countries to maximize time zones and time frames worldwide.