BMW “Hello Future” Wins Public Choice Award

04 02 2015

BMW’s “Hello Future” not only premiered during the Super Bowl, but it also took home the inaugural Public Choice Award at this year’s One Show Automobile Advertising of the Year Awards, launching a new category that celebrates excellence in advertising as voted on by viewers like you.

“The only thing we can be sure of about the future is that it will be absolutely fantastic,” Arthur C. Clark stated in 1964, and again in 2015 as the narration in “Hello Future,” which was also named AdWeek’s “Ad of the Day.” Fantastic also describes the launch of the BMW i8, the latest vehicle from the luxury European automotive brand that nods heavily to futuristic influences.

Working alongside agency KBS+, we collected and licensed footage from filmmakers around the world, adept at shooting live-action, aesthetically-futuristic scenarios. “Hello Future” was the integral debut piece of the i Brand Campaign roll out, which included the TVC, i digital shorts, and spots for their X5 and 2 series vehicles as well (all airing during Sochi 2014).

Watch above; perhaps the future is as mesmerizing as Clark imagined it to be.