A look inside STALKR’s sports legacy

08 09 2018

Every story starts somewhere. Ours started with a spot: “Courage,” the pivotal and iconic Nike commercial for the Beijing Olympics that served as an ode to the tenacity and relentless ability to keep on going, no matter how impossible an athletic feat may seem. It launched the STALKR you know today, instilling a deep understanding and appreciation for projects aimed at bringing athletic pursuits to life.

As years have gone by our portfolio of work has only continued to grow, but we’re still drawn to those awe-inspiring, athlete-centric narratives that come to life on the screen. From our beginnings with “Courage” to our recent work on Gatorade’s message to Serena Williams, we’re taking a look back at some of the sport spots that have made a lasting impression on our creative endeavors. Because whether it’s the Olympics or a monumental sporting event, there’s no shortage of tales to tell.

One of our favorites goes back nearly six years to a Visa spot titled “The Difference,” which focused on numerous Olympic athletes such as Michael Phelps on their journey to the Summer Olympics and all those that came before that truly showcased what it takes to be different in competition.

Our work with Visa spawned spots that captured anything from congratulatory messages to athletes to heart-warming tales of triumph, like this Allyson Felix film.

Sport spots have that uncanny ability to simultaneously capture the heart, dedication, and intrinsic swagger of being a professional athlete. Our pair of Adidas spots, titled “I’m Here to Create” and “Unfollow,” do just that. Featuring Lionel Messi, both spots take a different vantage point on the iconic athlete, illustrating the power of prestige on and off the field.

We have quite a history with Gatorade, with spots that feature a Usain Bolt tribute , a celebration of the brand’s legacy with “Heritage,” and “Don’t Go Down,” which taps into the competitive energy that drives each and every athlete.

Watching the alchemy at work is part of the thrill. From finding that perfect finish line shot to the heartbreaking yet powerful final push towards the goal, crafting a narrative that delivers a punch of poignant power is the ultimate process. Here’s to all the athletes who push boundaries and the creatives who get to bring it to life on film.