Celebrating Serena Williams, the athlete and mother

07 13 2018

To simply call Serena Williams an athlete feels like a complete understatement. Consistently ranked as one of the top tennis players in the world, she has more titles in tennis than many could ever dream of—and she is a mother. Athletes work hard. Mothers work even harder. What does that make Serena Williams? A champion.

In anticipation of her 24th Grand Slam from the whirlwind that is Wimbledon, Gatorade set to congratulate Williams on her triumphant return to competition after becoming a mother with a spot that captured the essence of who she is on and off the court. With a career like hers, there was no shortage of epic footage of Williams playing her masterful game. For both poignancy and power we focused on matches from the past four years, working to highlight the dedication and passion that has defined her career and, more importantly, her journey into motherhood.

Slow motion moments contrasted with the speedy moves that empower a win, the footage cultivates a message that extends beyond Williams and serves as an ode to all mothers who defy and redefine what’s expected.

Win or lose, Serena Williams is a champion not because she continued a career since becoming a mother, but because she trains, sacrifices, and battles to the top like a mother.