Visualizing the future with Neom

12 19 2017

Neom is unlike anything the world has seen before—a space to not simply inhabit, but to create, lead, collaborate, and inventively live. Dubbed the land of the future, Neom is a city that Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia plans to build from scratch, simultaneously reinventing the way civilization lives in the process.

The sci-fi city of Neom currently exists within the minds of those who plan to build it, so telling that story meant visualizing a world that does not yet entirely exist. Both “Into the Eye” and “Zoom Forward” focus on honing in on both what is known and familiar, yet ethereal and inspiring. Crafting a narrative about a place in the future, a future not far off, meant that the footage needed to reflect the possibilities and realties of the future at different levels, bringing together anything and everything—from lifestyle and technology to nature and culture.

Similar to “Hello Future” that we created for BMW, the Neom spots are about crafting a storyline that depicts the non-existent. Doing so meant picturing the city of Neom in an array of footage that is equally futuristic and tangible—a mix that not only enables viewers to dream of what’s to come, but to also understand that this sci-fi dreamscape is to become a reality.

Learn more about Neom here.