World-Building with The Creator

10 31 2023

The Creator is a true original in a cinematic landscape of reboots and franchises. A high-concept and visually striking action-thriller which centres around a war between humans and AI.

Starring John David Washington, helmed by Rogue One and Godzilla director Gareth Edwards, and edited by long-time STALKR collaborator Hank Corwin, the film received glowing reviews upon its release.

STALKR worked closely with Hank and his team to create the opening scenes of the film, which, in a four-star review, The Guardian called “A slick, scene-setting montage (that) explains the root of the human-AI hostilities: a journey that starts with sunny, faux-1950s adverts for robot helpmates and ends with radiation-baked footage of an AI-triggered nuclear attack on Los Angeles.”

Other work on the film included replacing key VFX shots and sourcing in-TV imagery to convey the unique cultural and social aspects of The Creator’s world.