The Kids Are Not Alright

05 26 2021

As we begin to see glimpses of the world we once knew, the lasting effects of more than a year spent in isolation are prevalent. In a powerful PSA campaign, aimed at the prevention of causing self-harm or harming others, this trio of video shorts identifies that ‘The Kids Are Not Alright’.

Sandy Hook Promise in partnership with BBDO, New York worked with our team, to create a moving and equally chaotic tone with these ‘How To’ videos. The compounding effects of isolation and fear have created an atmosphere of loneliness, the likes of which we have never seen. Kids are often praised for their resiliency, but this year’s uncharted and extreme changes have left their marks. By addressing the stress and trauma teenagers have felt during the pandemic, SHP hopes to prevent an act of violence by helping those who need it now, before it’s too late.