Seeking the Un-Tourist Vacation with Royal Caribbean

10 19 2015

With holiday vacations just around the corner, the time is right for our latest campaign launch, a wanderlust-laden montage for Royal Caribbean.

Filled with shots sourced from filmmakers around the world offering beach views and exotic scenery, consider “Come Seek” a compilation of your vacation bucket list. From walks on the beach to bike rides along sand banks, our brief was clear; Royal Caribbean is the place to make your travel dreams come true.

When we were briefed on this project by Mullen Lowe, we began sourcing footage from the Bahamas to St. Lucia to Cuba to Puerto Rico. When we assembled the film and presented to the client, there was already a beautiful, cohesive story at play, so much so that no further shooting was necessary. Beyond the spot above, the campaign launches with fifteen spots, including two TVCs and online videos.

Crafting dynamic storylines emphasizing travel is something we are very familiar with. If in doubt, check out this stunning piece for Mexico Tourism entitled “Mexico Today,” complete with footage from around Mexico City, deep in the cenotes, amidst the ruins in Oaxaca, and beyond.

If you have been bitten by the travel bug, look no further than Royal Caribbean.