Not your average vaping PSA

11 04 2019

When we worked on a set of spots last year for “Flavors Hook Kids,” the powerful campaign from Duncan Channon and the California Department of Public Health’s CA Tobacco Control Program, there was no shortage of eye-opening shots and facts that filled the screen. In light of the recent vaping lung illness that’s putting many lives at risk, the follow up to that campaign takes on even greater urgency.

Following a similar narrative as our previous work for the campaign, the spots “Hit” and “It Goes Fast” showcase teens and adults vaping—on the school yard, in their cars, out with friends—interspersing scenes of panic in the ER and hospital rooms where individuals are fighting for their lives.

Solo shots of teens vaping in front of their computer screen, young kids exchanging flavors during recess, doctors and paramedics franticly working to remedy the unthinkable—the footage we sourced ran the gamut from eye-opening to heart-breaking, giving viewers a PSA that’s impossible to ignore.

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