Mentos are Made for Chewing!

01 11 2024

In their refreshingly quirky new campaign, Mentos, the “Freshmaker” brand, explores the many unique, inventive and downright bizarre ways in which the iconic mint has been used in social media over the years. 

More music video than film, the spot features viral-hitmakers The Gregory Brothers, who composed and performed the title song, Mentos are Made for Chewing. 

Coming out of independent agency Highdive, the music video features user generated content, sourced by STALKR, to show the many viral sensations that Mentos have inspired, from the iconic Mentos-soda explosion, to bathtubs full of Mentos and Mentos smoothies. Noted social media influencers such as @alispagnola and @inacake are also featured. 

The result is an almost two-minute long ode to everything Mentos,  with an insanely catchy theme song that will stick with you long after the film ends.