Gatorade Finds Strength and Determination with Hansel Enmanuel

09 29 2022

Gatorade continue their Fuel Tomorrow campaign with this inspiring spot featuring Dominican basketball player Hansel Enmanuel.

Every season countless youngsters make their debut in the American college league. The competition is fierce, yet Emmanuel succeeded against huge odds despite having one arm. In doing so, he has become an inspiration to countless others, showing that there’s a place for everyone in sport.  

Narrated by Emmanuel, the film gives us a glimpse into the determination, hard work and inner-struggle that took him to the college leagues and transformed him into the world class athlete he is today.

The Fuel Tomorrow initiative highlights the accomplishments of athletes from diverse and historically marginalised groups, and in doing so strives to create more opportunities in sport. 

Other instalments in the campaign that STALKR worked on feature Olympic Gymnast Suni Lee and the iconic Serena Williams.