STALKR Takes Home Award for Lyft Spot

10 26 2020

We are pleased to share that our 2019 spot for Lyft, won the Focal Award for The Best Use of Footage in Advertising or Branded Content.

Two is too Few” was made to highlight and celebrate the whole spectrum of gender identity. From shots of equal rights rallies and archival performance footage to home movies of individuals expressing what defines their gender and being unabashedly themselves, our mission when sourcing footage was to speak to the multiplicity of identity. The content in this spot empowers individuals to reject the binary and instead push for inclusivity and equality.

We are honored to be recognized by our peers for our work, especially on a project with such an important and universal message. Stream the award ceremony below and don’t miss our category, The Best Use of Footage in Advertising or Branded Content, at 38:25.