Facebook Users Tell Their Story

01 31 2022

The need to document our lives is universal. To share is to care, and it is this basic human tenet that Facebook’s “End of Year” film explores.

We worked closely with META’s in-house creative team in Los Angeles to source and license a broad range of user-generated footage.

Central to the idea is that every shot or image, no matter how brief, conveyed a narrative moment; an intimate glimpse into everyday life. The result is a visually arresting yet contemplative collage of humanity that explores the many facets of a year that in many ways has defined our relationships and how we interact with others. 

The effect is ultimately both cathartic and uplifting – with moments of emotion, humour and character all contributing to an intimate yet universal message in which we discover that by sharing our own lives, we understand and empathise with the lives of others.