Dove Champions Body Confidence

02 07 2024

In this thought-provoking Super Bowl spot, Dove champion their newly established Body Confident Sport programme. 

With the shocking statistic that 57% of teenage girls quit sport – with low body confidence being the #1 reason why, Dove launched the Body Confident Sport program to tackle this self-esteem crises and make sports a place of belonging for girls.

In contrast to the majority of Super Bowl spots, Dove takes a more grounded and nuanced approach to convey their message. Utilising UGC (User Generated Content) the film illustrates the many sports that girls compete in, and draws attention to the fact that it’s not the knocks, falls and tackles that keep girls away from participating in sport, but the challenges they face to their body image and confidence.

The ad then directs viewers to the Body Confident Sport website, where 1 on 1 coaching  and after-school programmes are offered with the goal of boosting young girls self-esteem and acceptance in order for them to keep playing sports.