Celebrating the World Series with T-Mobile

11 02 2015

If you were one of the many avid watchers of this weekend’s World Series, you probably caught our latest for T-Mobile, entitled “The Big 7th.”

Centered around baseball and its incredibly loyal fan-base, the spot uses the familiar seventh-inning-stretch anthem to weave together user-generated content from games throughout the country and fans of every order.

Interwoven with the spot, out of Jack Morton Worldwide, are occasional cameos from some of your World Series MVPs, including notable title-winning Royals like Johnny Cueto and Alcides Escobar, alongside familiar league champion Mets like Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard. Relying entirely on user-generated footage from sports fans across the country, “The Big 7th” uses that fan energy to create a boisterous and jubilant narrative worth every challenge sports UGC often brings.

The baseball season may officially be over, but relive the nostalgia for America’s favorite past time in the spot above.