Adam McKay Takes On the Oil Industry

10 03 2022


Adam Mckay’s biting satirical take-down of Chevron has gone viral this week, with 5.4 million views (and counting).  

The spot juxtaposes upbeat, lifestyle-orientated stock footage with a voiceover that describes the terrifying reality of climate change and the indifference of the oil giants to the devastating effects of their industry.  

McKay spoke with Deadline about his creative approach. 

“The idea for making this video joking about how Chevron, along with all the other oil companies, are murdering us every day, came from the fact that Chevron and all the other oil companies are murdering us every day.”

The spot was written and directed by McKay, narrated by Steven San Miguel, and edited by Bruce Hermann, with footage handled by STALKR. 

In keeping with the message of the film, we encourage donations to the Climate Emergency Fund, a nonprofit organisation which trains and mobilises climate activists. McKay recently donated $4 million and joined the organisation’s board of directors.