A small business celebration with Google

08 15 2019

True to its name, Google’s latest spot, “Celebrating Small Businesses,” is a pure celebration of the multitude of individuals behind small businesses.

Gathering user-generated footage for this spot led us down an inspiring and exhilarating path as we worked to craft an on-screen story that captured the many highs and inevitable lows that come with owning a business. Whether you’re seeking out a loan, eager to discover the best mode of customer service, or have eyes on expansion, every Google search and respective shot that crosses the screen speaks to the multifaceted and never-ending journey of starting, running, and growing a small business.

Set to the sounds of small business owners sharing their stories and heard-earned wisdom, the vast array of shots work together to spark a charge of motivation to believe in your business, to relish in the excitement of that store opening, and to work past those late nights filled with uncertainty, leaving viewers with one powerful message: small business is more than just business.