Volkswagen celebrates Apollo 11 with a new mission

07 22 2019

This past Saturday, July 20th, marked 50 years since Apollo 11’s historic landing on the Moon; a seemingly impossible mission that united the world and changed mankind forever.

A lot has happened from 1969 to 2019, but Volkswagen is eager to unite us all once again with a new mission: go carbon neutral globally by 2050.

Set to David Bowie’s “Space Oddity,” the spot for the car brand focuses on the power of people coming together to believe in and eventually achieve something greater than themselves by bringing viewers back to that iconic day in 1969.

Working on a project centered around such a pivotal moment in history was both a surreal and inspiring experience. Creating a time capsule of sorts, we gathered a mixture of intimate and momentous shots from the day that the entire world watched as two men stepped onto the Moon. Every image captures the power of believing in something bigger than yourself—from young siblings gathered in front of the television to massive crowds staring up at the sky, each shot illuminates to the collective sense of awe that Volkswagen hopes to incite through their own futuristic mission.

Dive deeper into the spot with this feature on CarBuzz and be sure to give the spot a watch, above!