Truth matters most for The Telegraph

09 18 2017

The Telegraph believes that words are powerful, and we must choose them well. That sentiment is the backbone to a new campaign from the popular publication, with footage sourced by STALKR.

We were initially tapped to uncover “iconic scenes from recent history,” over which titles would be written and then re-written into truer statements right before our eyes. Familiar moments with heroes like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Muhammad Ali stand alongside more modern moments in the UN, the White House, and on the streets of the UK.

adam&eveDDB approached us to find specific vignettes to feature, and over the course of our work on the spot that scope broadened to include new possibilities given current events. Given the campaign’s powerful and current message, we knew we needed to be sensitive about what and who were were showing which was important in both the lighter-hearted elements like the Selfie vignette, and the more poignant political vignettes as well.

As STALKR producer Ed Cook aptly concludes, “This is a fine example of what we do best and combines both the archival and newer commercial side of sourced content. This spot is powerful and informative whilst in a slick manner captures the art of filmmaking and editorial documentary styles that have progressed throughout time.”