Showcasing the filmmakers behind “I Love Dick”

05 12 2017

The first season of Jill Soloway’s new Amazon television series premieres today, and we celebrated by honoring many of the feminist filmmakers included in the show.

Based on the novel by Chris Kraus, I Love Dick stars Kathryn Hahn as the protagonist, Chris, whose marriage is upended when both husband and wife become obsessed with the same professor, Dick, played by Kevin Bacon. As the story unfolds, we delve deeper into Chris’ psyche through sourcing feminist art films (about 20 in total for the first season), each driving home a central theme of the episode or representing a character.

A handful of these films were screened over a weekend of fantastic programming at the Cinefamily theatre in Los Angeles. On Friday night, we celebrated the works of Naomi Uman, Carolee Schneemann, Cauleen Smith, and Cheryl Donegan, in a unique screening that included a Q&A with Uman and I Love Dick curator Logan Kibens, with help from our own Portland-based producer Alexis Everhart who played an integral role in finding and licensing the films for the series. The sourced films from the gifted array of women are mostly experimental in nature and have been adulated by niche audiences around the world, sometimes for decades.

With the inclusion of films like the ones screened at Cinefamily, I Love Dick presents an opportunity to attract whole new audiences to the world of experimental filmmaking. Uman commented on this during the Q&A following her films, Removed (above) and Leche, expressing her excitement that her work was going to be shared with a larger community, especially within the context of talented creatives whom she admires, like Soloway. While most of the series is comprised of original footage, the show provides an incredible platform for lesser-known filmmakers with distinct perspectives to be seen, acknowledged, and admired.

The entire first season of I Love Dick arrives on May 12th on Amazon.