Make it what you want at Subway

03 19 2018

Subway is anything but your average sandwich shop—and their most recent spot, perfectly titled “Anthem,” proves just that.

Set amidst daring and exhilarating footage, the spot is a lively and catchy ode to those who are looking to make it big, fast, fun, epic, hot; to those who are looking to make it what they want at Subway. In order to capture the exact energy needed for this project, we focused on footage that highlighted those who march to the beat of their own drum. From quirky stunts to celebrated times in a variety of settings, it was about creating a world that showcased the unfiltered alchemy of life.

Accompanying the stunts and more adventurous clips are warnings from Subway, progressively getting more adamant as the daring actions get more intense. Don’t do this. Or this. Please, don’t do this. It’s a truly anthemic spot that combines both humor and awe-inspiring shots, giving us all permission—in life and in food—to make it what we want.