Limitless locations with Microsoft’s Surface Pro

12 20 2017

Microsoft’s Surface Pro completely redefines what it means to work on the go. Sleek, dependable, and expertly crafted, the Surface Pro give storytellers and creators of all kinds the tools they need to create anytime, anywhere. Creating has no boundaries, after all, and Microsoft’s Surface Pro speaks to that.

Telling the story of location scout Leann was the ideal narrative to tap into—she relies on the flexibility and ingenuity of the Surface Pro to work on-location while exploring the seemingly infinite amount of locations that the world has to offer. Traveling the world to find the ideal spots to shoot—or, in this case, the ideal spot to capture the 250 foot robots in the upcoming film, Pacific Rim, Uprising—Leann, as well as other location scouts, are always seeking the road less traveled or the spot you never knew existed. To further tell this story, we utilized footage that reflected this sentiment: rare, remote places that are infrequently captured on film.

Bridging the work made possible using a Surface Pro with the dreamy landscapes of locations near and far, the spot dynamically showcases the limitless possibilities of creation with a Surface Pro and the endless bounds that storytellers of all kinds will go to create.