Instagram tells the untold tales of Pride

06 13 2019

In honor of World Pride, Instagram kicked of a campaign titled #UntoldPride, taking to the streets of New York to showcase the rich LGBTQ+ history of the city and the colorful community that makes Instagram the platform that it is today.

The campaign features ten installations that aim to showcase some of the untold stories of historic LGBTQ+ leaders, places, and movements as well as the next generation of voices that spur conversation and spark change today.

Matthew Riemer and Leighton Brown of @lgbt_history partnered with the tech brand, bringing their collection of over 100,000 images to the project to create canvases that feature a mix of historical and contemporary photographs.

Tracking down the featured individuals and securing the rights to the powerful and poignant images for the installations was challenging, illuminating and incredibly inspiring. The opportunity to hear the stories these images represent from the people who lived and witnessed them was a privilege. Whether it is the tales of trans revolutionaries like Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera or scenes from the iconic film about NYC Ball Culture, “Paris is Burning”, #UntoldPride simultaneously celebrates the vibrant voices of the LGBTQ+ community and presents us all with an opportunity to learn, connect, and reflect.

If you’re in New York, here’s where you can check out the ten #UntoldPride installations:

– Painted Wall/Bushwick Wall/Spectacular Wall on 241 Cook St in Brooklyn is up through June 30th.

– Christopher St Pier Wall, Unit M-297 on W 21st St and 10th Ave under the Highline is up through June 30th.

– Julius Bar Wall on W 22nd St and 10th Ave under the Highline is up through June 30th.

– Lesbian Herstory Archive (LHA) Wall on Banker St and Whythe Ave is up through July 8th.

– Blues Bar/Sally’s Ball Culture on 7th Ave & 36th St is up through July 8th.

– Manford Wall on 44th Drive & 21st St is up through July 8th.

– GAA on 480 7th Ave & W 36th St is up through July 8th.

– Queer Harlem/Harlem Renaissance on W 126th St & Amsterdam Ave is up through July 8th.

– Luminary Black Women on Dyer Ave & W 36th St aka 411 W 35th St (Hudson Yards) is up June 17th through July 15th.

– STAR on 341 7th Ave & W 29th St is up June 24th through July 22nd.