Friends don’t let friends miss the vote

08 22 2018

When voting time comes this fall, do you know who you’ll bring as your plus one? MTV needs to know.

Gearing up for the midterm elections, the media magnate—which is never shy when it comes to giving their viewers a nudge in the social and political direction—has launched a campaign that centers on voters turning out with a special plus one. Rather than just encourage their audience to vote in the midterm elections, MTV pushes it one simple step further: why not just bring your quintessential plus one when you head to the polls?

The “+1 The Vote” campaign isn’t a preachy piece—it’s a picture of the celebration and connected nature of voting—two components that we aimed to bring to life in the video for the campaign.

Harnessing this essential narrative around voting together, we focused on footage that captured real moments between friends—friends who also happen to be the demographic of young voters. From tender moments of connection to playful sunset dance breaks, we wanted to bring both the universal and unique to life through the footage. What results is an enlightening and upstarting spot that has the ability to grab attention and push action amongst the audience.

This isn’t STALKR’s first time bringing the narrative power to MTV—our work runs the gamut from a punchy brand promo to the film for their “Elect This” campaign, the latter of which served as the first iteration of politically-focused projects. Working on political pieces of any weight always bring a rush of excitement to our team. There is nothing better than crafting a charged and uplifting tale within the film medium—a tale that will inspire, educate, and hopefully spark some change.

And while “+1 The Vote” may be a spot about voting, it’s central theme harkens back to something that is far less politcal: the importance in making your voice heard no matter which side you’re on. And that’s something we can all get behind.