Found Footage: Our Past Super Bowl Spots

01 23 2020

The Super Bowl is the most watched television program in the U.S. every year. For businesses and advertisers, that means eyes…lots of eyes. We at STALKR have been fortunate to work on a bevy of commercials that have premiered during games over the years.

In anticipation of next month’s Super Bowl LIV, we did what we do best…we resurrected all of our past Super Bowl spots. Check them out below, and stay tuned for what we’ve got going for this year’s big game.

In a 2017 campaign we made with H&R Block, starring Jon Hamm as his Mad Men character Don Draper, and IBM Watson, the tax preparation company aimed to show the enhanced power of combining artificial intelligence with their tax professionals. We sourced footage of real-life moments, from farms to ballet studios to senior citizen centers, showing actual individuals, like the Super Bowl viewers themselves, who benefit from this new technology.

The 2017  Super Bowl was a double score for us. In the “Fearless” Intel commercial starring LeBron James, we collected early footage from James’ basketball career, footage that demonstrates the superstar abilities this fearless athlete had from the beginning.

“The only thing we can be sure of about the future is that it will be absolutely fantastic,” Arthur C. Clark stated in 1964, and again in 2015 as the narration in “Hello Future,” an award-winning BMW spot we worked on alongside agency KBS+. To support the cutting-edge theme, we collected and licensed footage from filmmakers around the world, adept at shooting live-action, aesthetically-futuristic scenarios.

Conviction, creativity, and courage were the themes that guided our footage sourcing for the Mazda 3 commercial that premiered during the 2014 Super Bowl. To illustrate these concepts, we pulled footage from the greats: Bruce Lee, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Jackie Robinson.

For the 2010 Super Bowl, we worked with Qualcomm to make a highlights reel of major moments throughout modern American history. From the I Love Lucy opening to the moon landing, a Michael Jordan dunk to the Bin Laden raids, we amassed a pretty thorough chronology of moments that shaped America.