Depicting the Rules of War for the International Committee of the Red Cross

11 17 2016

“Victory by any means” from the International Committee of the Red Cross explores the devastating aftermath of war and the disregard for international humanitarian law.

The film serves as a powerful reminder of the Geneva Conventions, and the heart-wrenching consequences of when those accords aren’t minded. Victory by any means necessary really serves as a victory for none, which is made clear through powerful footage chronicling human rights atrocities around the world, the often unseen casualties of war.

“The idea was to lure viewers via an extraordinary generic political advertisement into the world of the most sincere consequences of negligence, which slowly becomes a nightmare as the rhetoric escalates,” explains STALKR Berlin Producer Tom Henze.

Much of the footage was sourced from the International Committee of the Red Cross’ impressive archive, which formed the skeleton of the film. STALKR researchers fought tirelessly for the dignity of the people in the footage, which is often a challenge with footage so harrowing and real.

Watch the spot above and learn more about the rules of war here.