Capturing the power of gaming on Xbox One X

10 31 2017

With the new Xbox One X, you are not just gaming—you are blurring the line between virtual and reality, feeling and experiencing like you never thought you would.

We knew that to tell the story of this game-changing console we had to bring in powerful, otherworldly, aggressive, passionate, and captivating footage. It was about evoking that visceral experience you get when you are able to forget about everything else around you and are entirely immersed in this other world. Drawing from an incredible range of content—from mystical shots of nature to powerful film protagonists—we focused on footage that evoked the feelings of awe, excitement, fear, passion, and power that are made possible with the Xbox One X.

The spot is an exciting and vibrant illustration that showcases the powerful console as much as it empowers gamers to get out there and push it. The world of gaming made possible with Xbox One X is limitless in terms of the experience, and “Feel True Power” is the anthemic tale of what that truly means for gamers everywhere.

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