American Innovation is at the Center of Verizon

09 08 2016

Emmy Award-winning actor Stanley Tucci narrates a spot about the American drive to always do better.

“This is not the land of ‘good enough’” is the opening line of our latest spot for Verizon, which takes us on a tour of what makes America the greatest country in the world. Inspired by the wonders our country has to offer, Americans strive to create, explore and achieve with a zeal that is singular and that Verizon pursues with the same vigor.

Plying a mosaic of American imagery on mobile devices into a map of the United States, the spot knits together innovations in technology, environment, space travel, and the arts. The spot’s visual construction reveals the scale and diversity of America while the movement in frame gives a feeling of it all coming together into one unified whole, aided by the modern advancements in connectivity of Verizon today.