Vote for the America You Want

10 16 2020

The majestic bald eagle is an iconic symbol representing America’s strength. Brought back from the brink of extinction, bald eagles are seen here in a ravenous pack picking through a literal landfill of trash. This grim imagery paired with a menacing twist on “America the Beautiful” leaves us with a stark reminder of where we are headed and what is really at stake in the coming weeks. paired with Wieden + Kennedy on this piece to ask, “Is this the America you want?” If not, then vote.

In 2016, we faced many of the same challenges that confront us now: racial injustice, income inequality, health care, LGBTQ+ rights and so much more. For that election, we partnered with MTV to get out the vote with their “Elect This” campaign. Captivating imagery and an echoing battle cry invoke the feelings of chaos, desperation and even hope that continue to make this spot memorable. The message is even more crucial today that we need to be engaged and challenge the status quo. We need to vote to transform our country into the place it has long promised to be.