One final sequence for the “Transparent” finale

10 18 2019

Amazon’s hit series “Transparent” gave its final bow last month, and we had the pleasure of crafting the title sequence once again for the melodic 100-minute finale that turned the family drama into an all-out musical.

While it is set to the familiar opening tune that’s accompanied the credits since the beginning, the sequence for “Transparent Musicale Finale,” unsurprisingly, leans into the performance that colors the episode.

When sourcing shots for the project, we came across an influx of exciting material and made new connections with film archivists that helped elevate the collection of work. The sourced footage included a diverse range of pieces from many creatives, and we were especially thrilled to see some of the independent films by female artists, such as the piece of Anna Sokolow dancing, make the final cut.

From dancers on stage and pianists in the zone to comedic conversations and moments in front of a crowd, the elements of performance take on an etherial tone that transports viewers into the suspended reality of the musical world, bringing the final story of “Transparent” to a powerful end.