Love through the ages for Amazon’s “Modern Love” introduction

10 21 2019

“Modern Love,” a new series from Amazon, made its official debut today, bringing to life the powerful stories that have filled the ubiquitous column for the past 15 years.

The romantic comedy anthology series takes viewers through time, capturing tales of love, heartbreak, awkward encounters, and the many machinations that exemplify what we can all call modern love.

With 15 years of material lending itself to the series, we knew that the opening sequence needed to reflect the timeless nature of it all. We brought together shots of monumental nuptials pushing history forward, siblings bonding over shared experiences, stolen glances and smitten moments, individuals empowered by self-love, and so much more. It was about showcasing a range of footage—ours spanned from the 1890s to today—transcending time yet always situated in one place: New York City.

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