Happy Father’s Day from Facebook

06 16 2019

This Father’s Day, Facebook is celebrating the dads within their community by highlighting the heartwarming, hilarious, and completely relatable moments of fatherhood by tapping into the Facebook Groups created and cultivated by fathers on Facebook.

Centered around the idea that Facebook Groups are conduits for connection and community, the five spots feature a variety of dad-centric user-generated content that showcase the many topics and conversations that bring fathers together.

From the Dadventure and National At-Home Dad Network Facebook Groups that bond over kid-packed playtime to the New Dads Place, A Bunch of Dads, and The Daddy Grind Groups that discuss the ins and outs of fatherhood, the variety of spots tap into genuine and lively scenes that illustrate the joys, wonders, and laughs that define what it means to be a dad.

Check out the spots, here!