Getting back to what’s real with HP

11 06 2019

Welcome to the digital age: where innovation is aplenty, connectivity is at its peak, and the struggle to land on what’s real is an increasingly difficult task—and that’s something the folks at HP want us to have a think on.

In a recent campaign for HP from Goodby Silverstein & Partners, the tech brand zeros in on the loss of reality that comes with all things digital and somewhat artificial.

“Get Real,” which aired during the World Series game, is set to “I Put a Spell On You” and showcases user-generated content that simultaneously pokes fun at and painfully exemplifies the impacts of the smartphone-laden landscape we live in.

We sourced footage that highlighted these moments in true form, looking to capture a range of scenes and emotional notes. Each piece of content was accompanied by the emojis, text messages, and thoughts around what’s real before landing on the simple scene of physical photographs—the antithesis to the hyper-digital shots that come before.

With that image in place, HP leaves us with a final note: “Have we lost touch with what’s real? Let’s get it back.”

Read more about the campaign here.