“Generation Lockdown” Shortlisted for Three AICP Awards

05 18 2020

We are honored that the Generation Lockdown campaign we worked on in support of the March For Our Lives organization has been nominated for three 2020 AICP Awards.

The Association of Independent Commercial Producers’ annual award show recognizes outstanding commercial work and the creative teams behind innovative marketing communications. Generation Lockdown was nominated for Advertising Excellence (Single Commercial), Concept (PSA), as well as a Next Award for Social.

Originally released in 2019, the PSA was made to raise awareness for the S.42 Background Expansion Check Act, which advocated for broader background checks to possess, transfer, and purchase firearms. The video depicts students, educators, and school faculty undergoing training on how to respond in case of an active shooter. Sourcing scenes and images of children hiding under their school desks and families reacting to the tragedies that have struck schools across our nation was a disturbing and extremely emotional task. However, this PSA was designed to incite discomfort and outrage in order to motivate the viewer to act and call for change.

Though we are always pleased to receive recognition for our work, Generation Lockdown is a sobering campaign to revisit. It bears an unforgettable message that we hope continues to effect change.