Exploring A New Resource: QuoDB

08 04 2015

This last year, when we crafted the ultimate movie montage for Samsung, it would have been mighty helpful to have QuoDB.

“The Curve Changes Everything” was heralded as AdWeek’s “Ad of the Day” debuted Samsung’s new curved television sets and features clips from films ranging from Back to the Future to Dumb and Dumber to Jaws to Gravity to Field of Dreams. Cut together, the clips create the narrative of the spot, perfectly synced to highlight the qualities of the QuoDB.

We produced the spot in-house, manually combing through hours and hours of film to find the perfect second increments to weave together. This is where QuoDB could have come in. The brand new resource allows you to search quotes in millions of film and television series for clips and the exact second they are in the films (as well as the context they can be found in). You can filter by genre as well.

For instance, if you type in “the curve,” as a phrase, you’ll find lines from The Dark Knight, The Terminator, Up, and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Next, among 2402 titles. It’s a great starting point of a database, a handy resource through which to explore so we can then expertly assemble and license the footage for your exact usage. We wish QuoDB had existed many years back, but we’re looking forward to putting it to use in future creative projects.