Defining the MTV Brand One Shot at a Time

09 01 2015

When you say the letters “MTV,” your audience immediately has a sense of what that brand is, its history and its pervasion in pop culture.

To better hone in on the specifics of what that brand means, how it has developed over time and what it is for us now and into the future, Ghost Robot and MTV tapped STALKR to produce this brand identity piece entitled “Tagline Here” named AdWeek’s Ad of the Day.

In many cases, creative montages are sourced as a solution to a problem or to fit a very specific brief. But in the best of cases, like in this piece for MTV, they provide the most creative, most dynamic way to convey brand messaging. Imagine telling MTV’s story, a legacy built on blending music and compelling imagery, without visuals to corroborate the narration?

Luckily, you don’t have to. Sourcing 35 videos from filmmakers all over the world from New York to Amsterdam to Argentina to New Zealand (and many places in between), we built a brand advertisement sure to inspire MTV’s staff and audience alike. Best yet, we premiered the spot during the MTV Video Music Awards to celebrate the brand in all of its individuality with its global audience.