Announcing the Launch of HP Enterprise

11 03 2015

Big news: Hewlett-Packard has officially made the split into two companies, HP Enterprise and HP Inc. In order to help cement the division and celebrate the launch of HP Enterprise, BBDO and HP enlisted us to help create a spot entitled “Open for Business.”

In launching HPE, the company is boldly taking their vision in a new direction with a refreshing focus. As Meg Whitman describes to the press, “there are new elements we want to explore, like agility, openness and partnership with our customers.”

To complement the new endeavor, “Open for Business” provides a clear direction without a driving narration to force its mission on the viewer. Hinging on collaboration, the ambiguity of the spot allows the viewer to collaborate with the powerful imagery before them, all centered on acceleration and launch. The spot reflects the brand’s commitment to innovation by beautifully visualizing this definitive change in their modus operandi.

We were given the brief by HP and BBDO to find footage of tactile action and reaction, of course with the added “green” element. The goal was to make the spot not only business driven, but to represent the gamut of imagery from organic to technical that all reflected movement and progress. In the end, “Open for Business” communicates the exciting future of HPE through thirty seconds of vibrant color and energy. Watch above!