A powerful PSA for March For Our Lives

04 29 2019

Building on the momentum from last years national March For Our Lives, the organization has released a PSA advocating for broader background checks through the S.42 Background Check Expansion Act.

The video opens on a workplace training for what to do in the event of an active shooter. Leading the training is an expert in lockdown drills: elementary school student, Kayleigh.

As Kayleigh shares her insights from the trainings she has received at school, along with 95% of US elementary school children, viewers are confronted with images of the impact of these too common events.

Sourcing images of barricaded classroom doors, children hiding under desks and students and families reacting to these horrific events was no easy task. The sheer volume of material available was disheartening and disturbing. Pairing visuals with Kayleigh’s statements about what happens when a shooter is loose in a school connects us to the real people living through these experiences and makes the reality of the subject impossible to ignore. This PSA is designed to incite discomfort and outrage and motivate the viewer to act for change.

Packed with power and an unforgettable message, “Generation Lockdown” scored two awards at Cannes, taking home a Gold Lion in the Social & Influencer category and the Cannes Grand Prix for Good. The spot was also shortlisted for Shots Awards for Charity/PSA Campaign of the Year.

Learn more about the S.42 Background Check Expansion Act here.