Transparent’s Season 4 title sequence takes on themes of spirituality and conflict

09 26 2017

As a new season of Jill Soloway’s Transparent heads to Amazon, we are thrilled to once again share our contribution to the creation of the latest title sequence.

This year marks our third collaboration with the Transparent team to craft these opening title credits. Each season this sequence is redesigned to invoke the themes explored in the world of the Pfefferman family. The Emmy award-winning series takes a realist look at a family when the patriarch (played by Jeffrey Tambor) comes out as transgender, and begins to explore herself within changing identity constructs while her children and ex-wife (played by Amy Landecker, Jay Duplass, Gaby Hoffman and Judith Light) struggle with their own identities and roles as their family evolves.

This season the themes Judaism and spiritual journey figure prominently alongside conflict, boundaries and physical journeys. Sourcing for these sequences always takes us on our own unexpected journeys, this time into queer advocacy organizations in the middle east, in search of a visual historical record of gender diversity in that region. We also had the delight of getting to reach out to our friends for home movies of family trips to Israel in the 1990s, and struck gold with the Shapiro family footage that was so beautifully awkward, sweetly authentic and perfectly analogous to our beloved Pfeffermans it was uncanny.

Transparent’s fourth season premiered on September 22nd on Amazon Prime.