Take a ride through Universal Parks

04 23 2019

There are quite a few words that we could use to sum up a day, weekend, or week at Universal Studios and Parks. Our top pick? Utter joy.

While working on their latest spot, we worked to seek out scenes that not only spoke to this element of joy but also sought out footage that would provide the answer to one question: What does Universal mean to all those that enter the park?

We knew we wanted to showcase real moments that spoke directly to those intrinsic elements of wonder and thrill that color every inch of the Universal Parks, which is why we brought together a vast array of user generated content. Genuine, personal, and unabashedly fun, every shot is an encapsulation of the Universal experience.

By using UGC, viewers have the ability transport themselves to the Universal world. Whether it is families entering the park together, up-close shots that capture that unforgettable water-filled ride, the laughs shared over a startling surprise, or gleeful dancing and photo-ops, the spot is a burst of energy from start to finish.