STALKR storytelling for banks big and small

09 20 2018

No day is the same for all of us at STALKR; and it’s a variety we crave. After all, to grow creatively is to explore different avenues of medium, subject, and form. And that’s why our range of projects is so vast and diverse. Sure, we may have started with a sports spot, but that was just the beginning. We love telling stories big and small—and our roster of spots for both regional and global banks proves just that.

Just like any other film-focused story, the spots and the respective narratives for the banks are driven by an ethos of promise, hope, and support—a place where dreams of the future can come to life. While the regional may play into the local spirit and global aims to speak to a broader audience, they’re always united by that essential component of storytelling, one that we love bringing to life one piece of footage at a time.

Regions Bank

Alabama is home to Regions Bank—an institution that puts you first. Always. The most recent spots we created for the bank, called “Some Things,” “GenX,” and “Millennial,” all speak to that notion of living in the present while also thinking of tomorrow. Some things are bigger than banking, and Regions Bank gets that.

Sandy Spring Bank

Sandy Spring Bank serves the Washington metropolitan area with a deeply rooted dedication to customer care. From buying your first home to opening your own business, “From Here For Here” is a celebration of those moments in life that not only unlock a dream, a wish, or a goal, but those that continue to define who you truly are.

Commerce Bank

Operating in areas within Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, and Oklahoma, Commerce Bank brings their local mindset across states. We crafted a series of light-hearted spots—including “Wedding,” which you can view above—that showcase the stepping stone Commerce Bank provides so that you can fulfill what once felt out of reach.

Be sure to check out the rest of the series of spots: “Manifesto,” “Home,” and “Parenting“.

Eastern Bank

“Join Together,” our spot for the Massachusetts-based Eastern Bank, fully taps into the regional component to tell a story only they can tell. Serving as an ode to join together to do good, the spot calls out specific streets, locations, and moments in the Massachusetts area, completely highlighting their hometown focus that makes them unique.

Wells Fargo

“Earning Back Your Trust” aims to do exactly what the title suggests, opening up to viewers and bringing the bank back to their beginnings—a time when their purpose and dedication to their customers was all that mattered. Wells Fargo may be global, but this film hones in on that same spirit that colors the regional spots.


Yes, we know—Transamerica isn’t a bank. But as an insurance company, that narrative surrounding empowering and facilitating individuals to unlock a future of security rings true. “Health and Wealth” speaks to this component of their business in an inspiring and thoughtful way.