Sharing good news with Salesforce

02 19 2019

Forget fake news. In the latest spot for Salesforce, it’s time to focus on the headlines that do not always make the front page: the news full of good.

In news cycle that seems to forget about the good, we are happy when we get to help get stories of optimism out into the world. Our most recent collaboration with Salesforce was just such an opportunity.

We worked to gather footage that built a balanced narrative, bringing together scenes of both the good and bad before ending on a note full of positivity and hope. From inspiring voices that come together for change to individuals ready and willing to do their part for a better tomorrow, every scene showcases the presence and power of the good that’s out there.

This project is yet another example of the types of messages that define our work at STALKR and the community of creators we get to interact with everyday, a notion that we think is summed up perfectly in this line from the spot:

“Good news may not make the news, but it’s everywhere. It’s made up of real stories and our community is both subject and author of those stories.”

Here’s to celebrating the good in the world through creative projects and beyond.