Our Super Bowl spot for H&R Block stars Don Draper and IBM Watson

02 07 2017

Jon Hamm’s “Get Your Taxes Won” campaign by Fallon headed to the Super Bowl this past weekend to win over taxpayer’s hearts, minds, and hopefully returns.

After eight years away from the Super Bowl, H&R Block is back in a big way with Jon Hamm, aka Mad Men’s Don Draper, and co-star, IBM Watson. In this campaign, H&R Block aims to show the enhanced power of combining artificial intelligence with their tax professionals, allowing their service that much more data intelligence to help ensure every last deduction and write-off is accounted for.

To pay visual testament to that future created by H&R Block and IBM, we sourced footage of real-life moments, from farms to ballet studios to senior citizen centers, showing actual individuals, like the Super Bowl viewers themselves, who benefit from this new technology.

As CMO of H&R Block Kathy Collins told Interbrand, “It’s the whole reason we decided to advertise on the Super Bowl — we have big news. In the Super Bowl spot you see a little bit of the experience. It’s 60 seconds, it’s a little more serious, it does have Jon Hamm in it. It feels big, it’s a little more dramatic, which may stand out from other Super Bowl spots.”