New York Tourism champions equality in new campaign

05 04 2017

Our latest campaign for the New York Tourism board (I Love NY) out of Campbell Ewald showcases important moments in the Women’s Equality movement in New York State and the role of profound figures like Susan B. Anthony.

The spot opens on a mother and daughter headed to the very place in Rochester, New York where Susan B. Anthony first made history. Intercut with sourced material showing the suffragette in her time, photographs and videos documenting everything from her trial to the feminist movement in the 1960s, to more recent coverage of the Women’s March, the campaign takes a decidedly pro-equality message and imbues it with the groundbreaking spirit that only New York can provide.

“Equal Rights in New York State” is a testament to New York as the home for some of the most revolutionary actions in America’s history. To do justice to that message, we scoured archives high and lo, from material in the public domain, to the Library of Congress, to the treasure trove that was the New York Public Library Digital Collection, and beyond. That combination of unexpected resources along with trusted archival collections sets the historical baseline for the narrative of the spot which draws a powerful connection from past calls for women’s rights to current marches in New York and beyond.

As STALKR producer Elizabeth Smithson noted, “I think all of us working on the project, particularly the women on the team, realized our place in this timeline. The agency did a great job showing that timeline, starting with portraits of Susan B. Anthony’s life, through the passing of the 19th amendment, to the women’s movement of the 1970s, right up to 2017 – and showing that historic timeline from a young, contemporary girl’s perspective. It’s a simple, yet powerful, spot.”

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