Holiday homecoming with El Almendro

12 11 2018

There truly is no place like home for the holidays—especially when you have El Almendro waiting for you.

El Almendro, the purveyors of tasty almond treats, kicked off their Christmas campaign with a spot that illuminates a much more universal sentiment of the journey home. Rather than solely focusing on the holiday-centric story of going home, the El Almendro spot speaks to the many treks we all embark on to reach the warmest place on earth, whether that be a different coast, hemisphere, or your family-filled home.

From whales making moves through the water and bears venturing to their seasonal home to plane rides that result in happy reunions, our EU team harnessed scenes of migration from across the globe to drive home El Almendro’s holiday tale of returning to the warmest place on the planet—the place you choose to call home.