Here’s to the music made on a Mac

05 21 2019

The magic of music is undeniable, and it’s the minds behind the melodies that remind us time and time again of the transcendental power that it has. As the creative playground for makers of all kinds, Mac knows a thing or two about the moments that lead to the songs that can define and change our lives.

In a similar vein to the “Behind the Mac – Make Something Wonderful” spot that was released a few month back, their latest Behind the Mac story gives us a peek behind the curtain to see the many musicians that record, mix, and craft on a Mac.

Named Adweek’s Ad of the Day earlier this week, “Behind the Music. Behind the Mac” focuses on numerous Brits who turn notes, choruses, and lyrical wonders into unforgettable musical experiences with a little bit of help from their Mac.

Set to “What We Do” by Swindle, the spot weaves together shots of legends and rising stars alike as they create, perform, and unleash their talent from the studio, stadium, and anything in between. From a focused David Bowie silently revisiting a tune and Gorillaz working hard in the studio to FKA Twigs honing in on her sound, it’s a celebration and ode to the individuals within the British music scene who create the music that colors our lives.