Google’s Year in Search brings us through the good

12 12 2018

Google’s Year in Search is more than a trend report or year-end summary: it’s a reflection of every single one of us who use Google to seek out an answer, an item, a piece of information, and so much more.

And this year, the world went to Google to find the good. What did we ask, search for, and find? How to be a good dancer, good movies, how to be a good listener, good news, what makes a good role model, good vibes—this year was the year we went looking for (and oftentimes found) good.

From the poetic and poignant soundbites from the likes of Anthony Bourdain and Stephen Hawking to the light-hearted scenes of dance crazes, viral phenomenons, and the mind-boggling Yanny versus Laurel debate, Google’s Year in Search spot is both a celebration and complete encapsulation of the moments that bring us all together through one common thread of culture—a narrative pushed to even greater heights through the use of user-generated content.

Part of what made this project so thrilling was our process in sourcing the vast array of footage. Each query offered up a specific storytelling pocket that we then went on to fill with powerful, entertaining, inspiring, and relevant content. Considering the fact that Google is a user-centric platform, it made sense that the pieces of content directly reflect our current landscape, especially through the lens of UGC.

Using the queries around the search for good as micro-briefs, we serviced each basket with as many options as we could, bridging each shot to the next by honing in on the modality of storytelling.

Moments of triumph, joy, laughter, inspiration, and togetherness come in many forms. A proposal at the Grammy Awards, a silly World Series celebration, a tearful reunion, a baby’s first step, a dual LGBTQ proposal—every single piece of footage in the spot works to reflect the amalgam of experiences and respective Google queries that come back to one simple fact: good things are worth searching for.

And here’s some exciting news regarding the spot: Google’s Year in Search was named to the shortlist in the Editorial: Montage category for 2019 AICP Post Awards and was shortlisted for a FOCAL Award for Best Use of Footage in Advertising or Branded Content 2019. Stay tuned for updates on awards and more!