gnarly bay’s “Trash Artist” snags Vimeo Staff Pick

09 16 2019

A piece from gnarly bay—one of STALKRFILM’s very own filmmakers—was recently named a Vimeo Staff Pick, and we’d have to agree with the team at Vimeo that this spot is a must-see.

The mini project from director gnarly bay features the captivating work of artist Thomas Deininger, bringing viewers inside the world of the trash artist who turns garbage into medium-bending sculptures.

The short film is yet another example of the breadth of work that the filmmakers within the STALKR and STALKRFILM fold create. Eager to create client-free creative profiles in their down time, gnarly bay sought out interesting individuals with unique stories—Deininger’s studio was less than an hour away from their own home base, and they jumped on the opportunity to tell his story.

The resulting piece is an inspiring tale of an artist driven to turn looming fears of the environment’s decline into a productive form of expression.

Read more about it here.